Morning  - Designed for the half day programme

Digital reading techniques based on DIRECT-program:
Multiply your reading speed in only 6 minutes

- Four speed technique
    - Grouping of words, fixation time, forward only, concentration
- CS-guide
    - Use computer screen guide
    - Benefit from the natural movement of your eyes

- Peripheral and focused vision
    - Pyramidal technique
    - Enlarge your focused vision
    - PDS-technique and ergonomics

- Using full capacity of your brain power
    - Benefit from both sides of your brain
    - Rhythm, applied imagination, mind setting
    - Improve your comprehension and memory

- Turbo-gear
    - Read digital text very fast

Introduction to programs to assist on screen reading
A well-designed, easy-to-read internet will save time for company employees, and thus increase their productivity. As less time is inherently required for reading and understanding the information on the screen, more time is left for important and urgent business matters.
Increased Productivity
Afternoon  - Includes both the morning & afternoon programmes

Improve your concentration and relax yourself 1 minute daily

Special techniques for efficient email use
- Keep your inbox empty
    - ABCT2 analysis
    - Handle 200 emails in 5 minutes
    - RISE principle and Pareto's law

- Email protocol
    - ABC for writing emails
    - How to make sure that your messages are opened, read and answered

- Recommended folder structure
    - How to search and file emails properly
    - The “8-bit” rule

Effective web page reading
- Select the correct reading approach
    - Purpose, page layout, time available
    - Options available - skimming, scanning, exploring, in-depth

- “Think green, keep it on the screen”
    - Practical tools to efficiently manage web information
    - The latest auxiliary programs

Search engines and robots
- Tips for improved search
    - The latest developments
    - Metasearch and summarizers

SuperBrowse and Mind Mapping
    - Essential tools for the learning organization
    - How to read, summarize and present a 250-page text book in only
- 12 minutes

Summary of the training and continuation
    - How to benefit immediately from the techniques at your workplace
    - Follow-ups I and II
How will you benefit from this course?

The time invested in the programme is guaranteed to give a fast return, you will:

- Notice a remarkable increase in your efficiency in using the Internet and managing emails
- Locate the information you need much faster than previously
- Pay more attention to ergonomics and reduce work related stress
- Learn in only 6 minutes how to speed read electronic text
- Understand and remember the information on the screen
- Learn to vary your reading speed with your goals
- Optimize your priorities and thus gain extra time for more productive work
- Use metasearch engines more effectively to produce quality hits first time
- Gain maximum benefit from the time invested in reading electronic text
- Learn to vary your approach from power browse and skimming to exploring and scanning