The main objective of the Screen-Smart training programme is to give participants more productive working time. The additional guaranteed working time is, at a minnimum 2-3 weeks annually, however, it is not uncommon for this to be doubled or even tripled in most circumstances as the quality of on-screen reading is continually and permanently improved.

One can follow the improvement in reading speed from an individual progress chart, which also measures the reader's comprehension. These impressive results are achieved by limiting the total reading time, during the morning session, to only 6 minutes without sacrificing comprehension at all.
During the Screen-Smart course, participants will learn how to find the data they require in the shortest time possible when reading emails, electronic documents and web pages. Web search techniques are explained in order to optimize search results including utilizing existing metasearch engines such as Copernic. During training, various exercises are carried out individually, in pairs and in small groups.
A well-designed, easy-to-read internet will save time for company employees, and thus increase their productivity. As less time is inherently required for reading and understanding the information on the screen, more time is left for important and urgent business matters.
Maximum Reading Benefit
Increased Productivity
Finding what you want, in less time...
One of the biggest problems users have to overcome is interpreting the information presented to them on a computer screen. Disjointed text with a poor lay-out, a lack of emphasis and no obvious pattern is very difficult to understand and read. A well planned page, which is easy to read and aesthetically pleasing, is far more likely to be visited more often, by more users, simply because it is easier to understand and the information presented will be better absorbed.

In particular web developers need to understand how the eyes move over a web page, and how, with a little imagination and foresight when designing a website. By utilizing colours, varying text style, size, light and shade, the page can be transformed into being extremely user-friendly and unequivocally providing a better functionality for the end user.

During the day, the Screen-Smart course will show you how to:

- Manage the excessive flow of emails and how to file them.
- Use digital reading techniques when reading directly from the screen.
- Reduce printing pages and emails and thus save paper, ink and time.
- Find the information YOU want amongst hundreds of billions of pages!

You will also learn:

- What are the latest techniques, tools and supporting programs to
- maximize the use of the Internet.

The Four Stages of the Training Process - Efficiency Graph
Individual Progress and Improvement Chart
More Productive Work Time - Annual Expectancy