The Effective Screen Reading book is unique and will offer practical tools and techniques to get better at reading and understanding emails and documents faster from the screen whilst finding, understanding and remembering key messages and managing your electronic information more efficiently.

Building on proven speed reading techniques, this book is based on a practical course in managing electronic information, including more than 30 exercises and activating new visual and kinesthetic learning habits.
Dozens of books have been written about rapid and power reading for printed material, but this is the first book to address fast and effective reading and learning with electronic information.
Communicate with Clarity and Speed
Read Emails and Documents Faster From the Screen
Select, Scan, Understand and Remember Key Messages
Manage Electronic Information More Efficiently
Author: Mr Tarmo Toikka (MBA) runs his own information management consulting firm in Spain, working with clients including but not limited to IBM, Nokia, HP and Microsoft.
It is estimated that over 90% of the adult population is digitally and functionally illiterate, according to the EU Department of Informatics, this overwhelming majority read less than 400 words per minute off the screen. Reading speeds from the screen are up to 30% slower than from the printed paper. This is why so many people prefer to print documents out before they read them.
Effective Screen Reading is an essential skill for anyone working with IT, and a way to save time and money for every business.