Mr.Tarmo Toikka, MBA (born in Helsinki, Finland) has trained thousands of business people in Screen-Smart techniques in Europe. He has established his own training company in Spain in 1997. Before this he was employed by various multinational companies such as IBM, Nokia and Instrumentarium.
Mr. Toikka has written the first book on digital reading titled "Screen-Smart". It was first published in Europe at the end of 2005. A few years later "Effective Screen Reading" was introduced by HRD Press to the US and Canadian market in March 2008. Mr Toikka is currently working on the latest updated version.
Since the establishment of Screen-Smart, thousands of business professionals, on all levels, have participated and benefited from our programme. Amongst a variety of others, our clients include:
Mr Tarmo Toikka
Management Advisor & Author

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Mr Kevin Hard
UK Advisor & Consultant

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